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We are a small Japanese family run restaurant in the outskirts of Sydney City, once known as "Umaimon Japanese Cuisine" located in Townhall, Sydney on Druitt St which we had for 6 yrs from 2003~2009. We took a break to give our bodies a little rest and then we re-opened here in Darlinghurst as Yokozuna, June...

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159 Oxford St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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  • - Wild Bluefin tuna seasons begun! Get in quick ;) plenty other fish as well but you should definitely try it if you've only had yellow fin tuna. More depth in taste! Hope to see some of you soon, thanks! Take care :)
  • - New to our page and restaurant? Welcome!!! Most of you will already know, but for new people to our restaurant, our head chef Shintaro, has an actual Chourishi Menkyo (a license/ certificate that you can only obtain with years in proper training and passing of an examination in Japan), plus that with decades of experience and knowledge of this cuisine that is quite strict over in Japan. You can imagine his impressive CV. Over here things are quite relaxed to say the least...people with no qualifications or extensive training in Japan are able to serve out sashimi and sushi to the public like fish and chips...Put a few Japanese ingredients into a plate and you have a Japanese dish apparently. Its funny how a few episodes of Masterchef and MKR and suddenly your a chef and an extreme food critique! Thats no qualification ;p We're just a small family with pride of our cuisine trying to get out some quality real japanese food with the qualifications and experience to back it up. A guy once came up to the counter angry 'how long does it take to cut up a few pieces of fish?!' He's definitely at the wrong place and he wasn't the only person dining. We do things proper so if you just want cut up fish with quality not in mind best DIY. Sashimi is raw fish meat. So it must be done to the quality standards in Japan where it originated and where the knowledge and expertise comes from to be able to serve a fish raw to the public. We select each fish by hand. so we know what we're serving. Our fish isn't ordered over the phone and delivered to us already filleted without inspecting each fish. There's always one fish better than another in a pile. Selection is important. Take care everyone!
  • - Hey foodies, still a bit early for Wild Blue-fin Tuna season for us in Syd but we got our hands on a very firm( = fresh), South Australian farmed Blue-fin Tuna this morning!!!! Thanks to Tony&Taro for the heads up! We got the head too so Grilled Kama is available (not for long, cos you have to compete with the Japs & regulars ;p) but will definitely have lots of Blue-fin Tuna Sushi & Sashimi Platters. Thanks have a great weekend!!! Suns out yay!

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